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June 25, 2013
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Bassidou Compaore is a street musician met in a parisian park who performs the balafon senoufo.

Bassidou Compaore a storyteller…

Met in the “Buttes Chaumont” park in Paris, Bassidou Compaore first attracted me by the sound produced by his strange music instrument. A percussion I’ve never heard before wich sounds almost metallic. When I found when this sound was from, I was surprised by the line up of children who were listening to him. Actually, while he’s playing Bassidou also tell stories to children, talk to them and smile a lot ! I guess this positive energy he’s spreading around is the main reason of his success.

And a balafon senoufo performer

This lineup of children passed, I was amazed by this wood instrument which looked definately african. Actually, it’s called a balafon senoufo which is part of the balafon family and this instrument is from Burkina Faso. The balafon could be made from 11 to 22 keys and it’s sound is produced by striking the tuned keys with two padded sticks.

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