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April 18, 2013
  • Location:
    Sydney (Australia)
  • Sent by:
    François Cunche

A surprising street musician is playing drums including a melody composed by wine bottles hanged above him. 

Don’t drop your empty bottles play drums with it !

We are all concerned about recycling but some of us are way more into it than other ! As e perfect example an australian street musician made up a particular drum set hanging bottle of wine above his head. Filling the bottle with a different level of water, this street musician is capable of playing a real melody while he’s hanging a rythme, wich is a real performance.

If take a look at the bottom right of his drum you’ll notice a little australian flag. This flag is for celebrating the Aussie Day 2013 in Sydney, wich is the national day of Australia celebrated every 26th of January.

A special thanks to François Cunche who support Buzzkers and sent us this video directly from Australia.

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