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February 10, 2014

SamborayJR is an australian guitarist who use his guitar as a percussion as well for an amazing result.

SamborayJR, a genius percussion guitarist

I’m convinced that buskers are really talented and not hobos begin for money. I’ve seen a lot of good musician from all around the world and I’ve always been suprised by their talent. But when I heard the sound of SamborayJR’s guitar I knew it was something different. We are not talking about good musician here but about a genius percussion guitarist.

SamborayJR uses his guitar wonderfully and rythm all his songs hitting his guitar on precise spots to produce a sound with an amazing speed and accuracy. The result is great and captivating.

SamborayJR is already a Youtube star

I knew that SamborayJR wans’t an ordinary busker but I didn’t imagine that he was already so famous online. With more thant 750 000 views on his covers, the percussion guitarist is already an idole for a lot of guitarists and watching at those videos it’s easily understandable…

His most amazing covers are Message in a Bottle, Black or White, Mouth For War or Can’t touch this


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