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June 9, 2013

Youri Menna is an italian street musician, guitarist and singer who’s busking all around Europe.

Youri Menna is busking to avoid loneliness

Youri Menna is an italian guy from Naple (Italia) who falled in love with Paris in 2006 after visiting the city. After few month working in a restaurant he realized that he was becoming fed-up by the parisian way of life metro/work/sleep and wanted to try something new. One time he noticed a street musician close from his place and decided to take his chance too. He started to play everyday, and each day he was attracting more and more people. Youri felt so great to be surrounded by people whereas he used to feel quite lonely in he’s previous job that he decided to live from music, busking in Paris.

Busking in Paris made Youri known in Europe

As Youri Menna was really excited to play in touristic places in Paris because he could offer his music to foreigners. That’s why he decided to begin a journey around Europe to play music in cities where he could have a chance to share his music with a lot of people form different cultures. He was busking to Dublin, Berlin, Barcelona … and what really surprised him was that he’s been recognized by few people who saw him playing in Paris. At his moment he realized than playing in Paris could make him “famous” from al around the world.

Create an harmony with people making the people sing with him

Back to Paris, Youri Menna discovered Montmartre and it’s wonderfull scene for buskers. Glad with the idea of playing in front of 500 people from 5 continents, he started to play music that everyone knows, not to make more money but to get the people sing with him, to create a link between them.

The web helped Youri to be known

Thanks to the people posting video of his performance on Youtube and the comments he gets on it’s, he noticed than he has a strong presence on the Web. Now he’s using this presence to present his first album wich is a mix of his own songs and few covers he’s performing in the street.

We wish good luck to Youri Menna and we hope his carrier will explode soon !

If you want to get more about this street artist you can watch this interview or follow him on Facebook

PS : this song is a not publish song yet by Youri and it’s called “C’est toi”

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