Watch at the best street musicians videos

Guitarists, singers, drumers, accordionists, saxophonists, violonists, bassists... They all offer their musical talent to the street for our greatest pleasure ! Street musicians are present in every country of the world in our metro stations, our streets or in famous places…But well, time is precious and we don’t often take the time to listen to them.
What if you could discover videos of  the best street musicians from all around the world not moving from your chair?
Several known artists used to play in the metro at their begining… Maybe the next Keziah Jones is in front of you, enjoy !

SamborayJR is an australian guitarist who use his guitar as a percussion as well for an amazing result. SamborayJR, a genius percussion guitarist I’m convinced that buskers are really talented and not hobos begin for money. I’ve seen a lot of good musician from all around the world and I’ve always been suprised by their [...]

Didgeridoo is an amazing australian aboriginal instrument, but when it’s play by Jean Baptiste it becomes an incredible Beatbox performance.  BeatBoxing with a didgeridoo The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia around 1,500 years ago and still in widespread use today both in Australia and around the world. The [...]

Ho-Ho-Ho… No jingle bells but a nice drums demo from santa himself !

Why buying a drumset when you could make one ?

This street guitarist surprised me by it’s incredible energy and his amazing voice. He performed “Hana Kotoba” (I’m not sure of the name of this song) in Kyoto streets.

Bassidou Compaore is a street musician met in a parisian park who performs the balafon senoufo.

Jiří Wehle is a the czech hurdy gurdy man from Prague

Youri Menna is an italian street musician, guitarist and singer who’s busking all around Europe.

Rhythm Mission is band of 5 people busking around Malaysia using traditional latin and aboriginal music instruments

Ulična Bina is demonstrating her percussionist talents in Zadar streets (Croatia)

Assab is an ethiopian guitarist who was busking in the metro of Paris.

Skolpony and the coin operated is a duo made by an american girl playing a small accordion and a canadian guy from Quebec playing the banjo.

A surprising street musician is playing drums including a melody composed by wine bottles hanged above him.

Two young girls performs in Paris streets a cover of Turn of the light from Nelly Furtado.

I met this interesting hairy guy on a sunny day in Amsterdam discovering the city and its canals.

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