Watch at the best street musicians videos

Guitarists, singers, drumers, accordionists, saxophonists, violonists, bassists... They all offer their musical talent to the street for our greatest pleasure ! Street musicians are present in every country of the world in our metro stations, our streets or in famous places…But well, time is precious and we don’t often take the time to listen to them.
What if you could discover videos of  the best street musicians from all around the world not moving from your chair?
Several known artists used to play in the metro at their begining… Maybe the next Keziah Jones is in front of you, enjoy !

Originaly from New Zealand, this busker is a real one mand band and he made my day interpreting “I just can’t wait to be king”

Those 3 buskers are definately transcend by good old rock & roll music.

Impressively smiling and talented duo of jazzmen covering “Hello” from Lionel Richie in the metro of Paris.

Seen in Montreal downton Tim Scanlan is an australian one man band who is busking all around the world.

Incredible voices, beautifull smile and an amazing complicity, that’s how I would define EMJI and Mary May duo.

Did you hear a hoarse voice and a reggae riff in a parisian metro station ? No doubt you’ve been lucky to meet Vanupié !

A really good interpretation of the most known Bob Dylan’s songs on Montmartre steps

Through the famous Royal Mile street in Edinburgh I heard this typical scottish sound…

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